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Um Like Whatever

Vacant Stare

chesspiece face
Friends only banner by densetsu_icons

Run the lip off sunshine shore
Betray white water
Delay dark forms
Slap young waves on wooden bones
Don't touch the laughter and away we go

Away we go


Kaddish For A Child Not Born

"Thus I expound to the philosopher with that disgusting (to me) and yet irrepressible urge to speak, that which always seizes me when I have nothing to say, the urge, I suspect, which lies at the root of my habit of giving far too generous tips in restaurants, to cab drivers, to bribing officials or semi-official representatives, and the like; it also might have something to do with my politeness, exaggerated to the point of self denial...as if I were continually apologizing for my existence, for this existence."
But now we must pick up every piece
Of the life we used to love
Just to keep ourselves
At least enough to carry on

And here's where your mother sleeps
And here is the room where your brothers were born
Indentions in the sheets
Where their bodies once moved but don't move anymore
And it's so sad to see the world agree
That they'd rather see their faces fill with flies
All when I'd want to keep white roses in their eyes

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